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Dental Implants, New York City: Cosmetic Dental Implant

Dental implants in New York City have cosmetic limitations that can be affected by which implant the dental surgeon uses. Nearly all implants are made of titanium, which can create gray shadows on the gum. Genesis™ dental implants, by Keystone Dental, Inc., offer a unique option for the periodontist inserting implants: a pink collar, as seen in the picture below.

Not only is the collar pink on this dental implant pink, but the abutment which supports the crown, is also pink. For this reason, the pink collar and abutment enhance dental implant esthetics unlike other dental implants used in NYC.


While the word, "dental implant" is used generically to mean all dental implants, all dental implants in New York City are not the same, not only from the esthetic perspective, but from their thread design, surface structure, stability, ease of connection, and more. As a surgeon, thread design is integral in stabilizing the dental implant. It also matters which implant is used relative to bone density. In the X-rays shown above, a patient's right front tooth is removed, the initial site is drilled and the implant inserted. The Genesis™ dental implant's threads have a pitch that grabs the bone and helps stabilize the implant.

Dental implants in NYC are a successful procedure with results that can be enhanced by the type of implant used. Consideration for thread design, thread pitch, surface roughness, and abutment connection, are all factors that influence which dental implant will give the best result. In this instance, the Genesis™ dental implant used in New York City meets all the important criteria, including its pink collar and pink abutment, for enhanced esthetics for dental implants.

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