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Laser Gum, New York City: Gingivectomy to Trim Gums

Laser Gum Treatment in New York City is not only used to treat gum disease (known as LANAP surgery for periodontal disease), but Laser gum surgery has many other applications. One such use for Lasers is to trim away excess gum tissue that did not recede far enough to expose all of the tooth’s dental enamel. This occurs in as much as 20% of the population on one or more teeth.

Enamel, as we all know, is that portion of the tooth that we can see when we smile. If some enamel remains covered by gum tissue, then the tooth (or teeth) appear tiny and are not as esthetic as they could be. This condition is known as "Altered Passive Eruption." This tissue can be delicate and tends to become easily inflamed. The common gum surgery used to remove this excess tissue in NYC is called "Gingivectomy," which can be performed with a scalpel or by LASER gum treatment, which is still considered a form of surgery.

This diagram demonstrates how small teeth can be made larger by Laser surgery.


The picture on the left demonstrates “Altered Passive Eruption,” in which the gum covers part of the enamel. The picture on the right reveals the enamel that was covered by the laser at the time of the surgery.

This picture demonstrates one of the first steps of the LANAP surgery performed in NYC to treat the patient’s gum or periodontal disease. The laser light beam can be seen to extend far below the gum and beyond the gum pocket being treated. This is an example of how the LANAP surgery can promote positive benefits distant to where the laser tip is applied.

It is important to treat gum disease in New York in order to retard or stop its progressive nature to form pockets and destroy bone. In the presence of other risk factors that include smoking, diabetes, being overweight, to name a few, patients with untreated or not well-controlled periodontal (gum) problems make themselves vulnerable to systemic diseases ranging from heart disease to strokes to pulmonary problems. One option for treating these gum problems is by LANAP laser surgery in NYC. In addition, when there is gum tissue from Altered Passive Eruption obscuring normal tooth enamel in New York City, this excess gum tissue can be removed via Laser gum treatment, which is a comfortable, safe, and predictable procedure.

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